Sell Your Creativeness

Welcome to Inkdly

We’re a creative community made up of designers and dreamers. Our goal is to help budding artists make a name for themselves by giving them a platform to produce and sell their one-of-a-kind designs like [cellphone cases, throw pillows, and clothing!] Pretty cool, huh?

Here’s how we work.

Make art. Get paid.

Every time your design sells, you’ll earn a cool 5% commission.


We’re detailed oriented

Leave the customer service, manufacturing, marketing, and dispatching to us. We’ll leave the artistic expression to you!


Let’s make you Instagram famous

We’re all about exposing raw talent to our community of social media followers. Make sure you give us your Instagram handle.


Limited editions only

We limit the number of designs each artist can produce so that everyone in the community has a chance to shine.


The ultimate #SquadGoals  

We believe in our talent, and often recruit Inkdly artists to collaborate on large projects. (And of course, you’ll get paid.)


Use our workspace

Need a change of scenery? Come work in our space for the day. (We have coffee, wifi, and several fluffy four-legged friends.)


Here’s what our artists are saying…

Just sold my first piece off Inkdly!

I’ve never been this excited. EVER.

Cameron. Age 22. Artist


I love that I can make some

extra money on the side while

I finish school. Thanks Inkdly!

Cate. Age 19. Graphic design student.


Inkdly gives artists a unique platform

to showcase their work.

Thanks to them, I have been able

to grow my business and get some

exposure too. If you have creative

work to share, I highly suggest joining


Sarah. Age 27. Artist


I didn’t have any real expectations when

I submitted my first design. But in less

than 24 hours, the phone case sold out!

 I couldn’t believe it!

Tim. Age 25. Industrial Designer


The other day, I noticed someone holding

the cellphone case I designed. It was really \

surreal to see my art IRL!

Allison. Age 22. Student


I love that my job is to design the piece,

while Inkdly takes care of all the nitty gritty:

manufacturing, shipping, etc. It gives me

more time in the studio to create.

Jakob. Age 30. Designer