The New Apple iPhone Xs, Xs Max & Xr Specifications

The New Apple iPhone Xs, Xs Max & Xr Specifications

It seems like the biggest tech event each year now is the launch of the new Apple iPhone lineup! In line with last year's offering, Apple has unveiled a triple threat of options. But are there latest updates enough to make it worth us parting with our hard earned dollars? With the new Apple iPhone lineup of iPhone XS, XS Max and XR to choose from, which one will tempt you? Here's our guide to the latest specs.

iPhone XS - The Lowdown

Rumors abounded ahead of the launch of the new Apple iPhone that there would be a smaller one, a cheaper one and, you guessed it, a bigger one. Were these expectations met? Let's break it down for the XS.

Display Detailing

Basically a replacement for the iPhone X model, you'd be hard pushed to tell them apart at first glance. That's because they are the same size and even seem to have the same screen specs. However, the crucial difference is in how quickly the iPhone XS responds to touch. Technically, it is now equipped with 120 Hz touch sensing. This means that it is twice as responsive to touch as the iPhone X. This should make it much quicker off the mark and more user-friendly.

More Flexibility

Please don't be misled and think you can bend it - you can't. What we're talking about is its ability to double up - on SIMs that is. While there's still only one port for a physical SIM card, you can now install a second 'eSIM'. This gives you the all the flexibility of a dual SIM device, allowing you to run two numbers simultaneously. At the same time, it maintains its sleek appearance.

Tweaks and Upgrades

If you're expecting something massively new and innovative from Apple on the iPhone XS, well, you may be a little disappointed. Yes, you'll get 25% louder speakers - great, and all round an enhanced performance with faster wireless charging, a faster processor and increased RAM. The jury's still out on whether the battery life is an improvement or not. It also comes in a gold option, previously only available on iPhone 8, giving you another way to go in terms of style. The cameras, now really the major selling point, have also undergone an upgrade. With improved specs, allowing pixels to absorb more light, it promises better shots in low light conditions.

Pricing and Options

Let's get down to brass tacks - what's this baby going to set us back? The good news is, we've finally got a 512GB option to choose. The bad news is this comes in at an eye-watering $2199! The 64GB option is a more affordable $1629, with the 128GB beauty coming in at a cool $1879. Is it worth it? That's your choice, but it might be worth exploring the other new Apple iPhone to hit the market before making a final decision.

iPhone XS Max - What's the Difference?

Surely the new Apple iPhone XS Max, is just the XS, but bigger? Well, yes and no. It is bigger - in fact, compared to the iPhone X and previous 'plus' models, it's a monster with a 6.5-inch display. This puts it even bigger than biggest rival Samsung's Galaxy Note 9, which comes in at 6.4 inches. Sadly, as on the XS, the notch remains. Love it or hate it, it seems that for now at least, it's here to stay. This means the display, while huge, is partially compromised. However, the differences don't end there. The bigger - and slightly heavier - phone comes with with a battery that packs more of a punch. Apple claims 25 hours of talk time for the XS Max. Pretty impressive, compared to just 20 hours for the XS. And you guessed it, more phone means more money! Also available in 64, 128 and 512GB variants, and coming in gold, space grey and silver, they range from $1799 to a whopping $2369.

iPhone XR - The Curveball

OK, the XS range is all singing, all dancing, but with a price tag to match. What about this year's curveball, the iPhone XR range? Starting at a more modest $1229, do they still pack a punch?

Dramatic Displays

Last year's iPhone 8 didn't pack all the features of the iPhone X, significantly excluding Face ID. This year's 'budget' offering, the iPhone XR however, comes fully equipped with Face ID, and lots of other high-end features. The main difference you'll notice is that rather than being a smaller device, the XR actually sits right between the XS and XS Max. Coming in at 6.1 inches, it is still the second biggest screen Apple has ever launched, a major plus for many customers. Like last year, only the flagships XS models get OLED displays. The XR comes with an LED 326 versus 458ppi. Not too shabby. Side by side you'll notice the difference in sharpness, but the XR LED display is still of outstanding quality.

More Color Options

If you enjoyed the funloving 5C range, then the XR gives you another chance to express yourself with a more funky color palate. Coming in coral, blue, yellow, and red options, it's far more expressive than the muted tones of the XS range.

Technical Specs

Unlike previous entry-level versions, that were stripped down versions of the premium model, the XR is largely based on the same architecture as its pricier cousin the XS. You'll find there is just a single, 12-megapixel rear camera, but with the Smart HDR option, you'll find little difference in the quality of your shots. It also comes with the same level of waterproofing (IP67) as the iPhone 8, which is one step down from the XS family. Unless you had your heart set on submerging it in 3 meters of water rather than just 1, we can't see that making too much difference.

The Takeaway: New Apple iPhone Hot Specs

The new Apple iPhone triple threat of the XS, XS Max and XR are certainly eye-catching, cutting edge and highly desirable. Are they worth the financial layout? Well, the XR is certainly worth serious consideration. It's a major step up from iPhone 8 and with a lower price tag, and most of the same features might be a great option if you're thinking of an upgrade. Even the latest iPhone can use a little bling... and protection! Click here to check out our awesome range of iPhone cases.
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