Music Festival Essentials: What You Need to Bring

Music Festival Essentials: What You Need to Bring

Music festivals are the greatest way to spend one's summer holidays, and with 2018 in full swing no one should miss attending even one.

However, packing for music festivals is just as important as attending them are, and not everyone knows what to pack to enjoy their music festival experience fully.

Have no fear, however, because here is a list of the music festival essentials everyone should consider taking with them on their musical adventures.

Music Festival Essentials

Whether heading to Miami or London, it's necessary to know what to bring to a music festival.

For any good music festival packing list, all of the items should serve a purpose in surviving and enjoying the music festival to its fullest with the least worry or hassle.

Water Bottles

Bring at least one water bottle that can be refilled time and time again.

Music festivals are an entire day (or days) adventures and the most important step to enjoying the experience is keeping oneself hydrated at all times.

People are going to be perspiring all day and need to replace the water loss to stay healthy for the festival. Instead of buying expensive water at the festival, it's easier just to bring one and refill it every time it gets low or empty.

Mini Emergency Kit

Pack an emergency kit along with all of the other essentials. Better yet, pack a small or mini one.

Accidents happen when thousands of people crowd together. Having band-aids, aspirin, and other emergency kit essentials will save everyone a lot of worry.


Just like with water, snacks and food offered at music festivals will be much more expensive on the wallet than buying snacks beforehand and packing them along with other music festival essentials.

Not only are snacks less expensive, but people can also pack their favorites instead of settling on something at the festival. Plus, snacks are a lot more convenient for those always on the move.

Fanny Packs

Everyone needs something to store all of their essential items in, and for those that don't want to carry the bulk of a backpack on their shoulders, there's always the option of a fanny pack.

What's even better is that fanny packs come in various designs and finding one to complement the outfit isn't that difficult anymore, so there's no shame in rocking a cute fanny pack.


Let's face it, festivals are an outside event that leaves everyone to the mercy of the sun. No matter the skin tone, everyone needs to pack sunscreen capable of shielding them throughout the long festival days.

No one wants to spend festival day two or three dealing with horrible sunburns. Plus, the festival afterglow diminishes a little bit when marred by sunburns.

Toilet Paper

Another recommended essential is toilet paper.

Why? Because when the public bathrooms are filled at almost all hours, one will never know when they will run out of the cheap toilet paper.

No one wants to be stuck in the bathroom because not just one but all the stalls are out of toilet paper. Packing a roll spares every one of the embarrassments and the challenge of asking the people in the next stalls for some.


Now, people may be wondering "Why earplugs?" Between the loud festival music coming off the giant subwoofers and the thousands of people trying to shout over one another, festivals are incredibly loud.

Festivals are even louder when someone wants to get as close up as possible to the stage.

Thus, to avoid ear damage and headaches, it's recommended to pack a pair of earplugs. With the high volume, wearers will still be able to enjoy all of the music, but at a decent volume that won't leave heads rattled and ears ringing.

Comfortable Shoes

A music festival essential that will save toes and sore feet is a pair of comfortable shoes. Don't pack fancy shoes such as high heels or new shoes that haven't been broken in yet.

While stylish shoes that match the outfit may seem like a must-have, the shoes will ultimately be the death of many a pair of feet by the time the festival is over.

Instead, pack comfortable shoes like a favored pair of sneakers. Sneakers are closed-toed so someone accidentally feet stomping on them won't leave the toes safely nestled inside bruised.


When off at a music festival, the phone is often the only means of connecting with friends, family, and much-needed rides home.

To spare everyone the worry of a dead phone, pack at least one phone charger.

Bonus points if it's a portable charger, in which case a dying phone can be saved by plugging it in without the desperate need for a rare outlet.

Portable chargers also save people from the need to hunt down outlets or charging stations, all of which will be crowded by other festival goers with dying or dead phones themselves.


As mentioned earlier, music festivals are a giant mosh pit filled with thousands of people. And that giant mosh pit includes everyone's germs and bacteria.

As such, it's always a good idea to keep a mini bottle of hand sanitizer on one's person at all times.

People will go to music festivals even if they're sneezing up a storm, and there's always the bathroom situation to keep in mind. Public bathrooms aren't always the cleanliest, after all.

Plastic Bags

Try packing at least a few plastic Ziploc bags. The weather can be unpredictable at times, and a Ziploc bag will go a long way in saving any and all electronics on hand.

Large plastic bags are even useful in storing wet or dirty clothing that no one wants to just shove into their backpacks filled with other precious cargo.

All Packed?

Before heading off to the music festival of choice, make sure that everything is all packed up.

No one should wait until the last minute to pack otherwise some items are inevitably going to be forgotten and left behind only to be sorely missed later.

While packing all of the music festival essentials, check out the blog and what it has to offer!

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