Are iPhone X Cases Really Necessary?

Are iPhone X Cases Really Necessary?

Are you protecting your expensive new smartphone the right way? iPhone X cases are supposed to offer protection for your phone. However, not everyone agrees on whether or not these cases are really essential. In this guide, we'll break down the pros and cons of iPhone X cases so you can decide if one is really worth the investment. Let's take a look at the real facts about the iPhone X case.

How Durable Is the iPhone X?

Before deciding whether or not you need a case, it's helpful to take a look at how durable these phones are without a case. The iPhone X is notoriously expensive, and you won't want to leave such a valuable asset unprotected. However, you may be reluctant to spend the funds you have left on a case. Apple's sleek new phone design features a frame made of stainless steel, which feels sturdy. However, these phones also have a delicate glass back. The glass back allows for wireless charging, which is great. However, this means that both the front and the back of the phone can be broken. In short, the iPhone X is more prone to breaking than other phone models simply because of its design. Not only that, but also if you break or damage these phones, you'll pay a lot more for repairs. You might choose to pay extra for AppleCare+ up front, which will cover some fixes. However, if you don't pay for this service, you can pay hundreds just for a screen replacement. Replacing the glass back of the phone can cost up to twice as much as replacing the front screen. Let's take a closer look at just how likely it is that this damage is going to happen.

Surface Scratches

Most smartphone screens can be scratched - some more easily than others. The double-sided glass of the iPhone X means there are more surfaces that can get scratched. However, the frame is less likely to be scratched than older models, since it's made of stainless steel rather than aluminum.

Drop Tests

Drop tests show that the iPhone X can survive a drop from a height of about three feet. That's approximately the height of someone's pockets, or the height from which you're most likely to drop your phone. Even at five feet, at least one test found the phone survived intact, with no damage aside from scratches and marks. However, from a greater height, the screen will be sure to break. And there's no guarantee that it won't break or crack from a lower height if it falls the wrong way. It seems that these phones are fairly resilient against damage from being dropped. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't still protect your phone.

Water Resistance

The iPhone X is equipped to handle water submersion to a depth of about three feet. Water tests confirm that these phones are quite resistant to water damage. This may come as a surprise to many smartphone users who have been taught to avoid water at all costs in the absence of a waterproof phone case.

Should People Buy iPhone X Cases?

The facts show that this phone is surprisingly durable. However, like all tech devices, it has its weak points, like the glass screens in front and back. So, should we all run out and buy iPhone X cases? Or is this a waste of money? Let's take a look at the pros and cons of investing in a case for the most expensive phone to date.

iPhone X Case: Pros

There are many benefits to having an iPhone X case, depending on which one you buy. The first and most obvious is protecting your phone. The iPhone X is designed to be durable. However, one of its weakest points - the glass screens - is one of the easiest to protect with a case. Since these photos are water- and drop-resistant, you don't even need to invest in a heavy-duty, waterproof case, which can be expensive and bulky. The most basic phone cases should still offer protection for the back of the phone. Many simple cases also have front screen protection. Other types of cases offer other pluses. Some have built-in cardholders, so your phone can double as your wallet. This is perfect for the modern customer who appreciates a streamlined lifestyle. Yet another benefit of a phone case is the aesthetic. Lots of people have an iPhone X. A case allows you to customize and personalize your phone. This is a fun way to show your sense of style. It also makes it easier to find your phone quickly when you need it. From trendy leather cases to sleek silicone ones, you can find a functional case that suits your look at many different price points.

iPhone X Cases: Cons

What are the reasons not to invest in an iPhone X case? For many people, the price is a concern. However, when you weigh the cost of a phone case against the cost of the phone itself, it's a pretty small price to pay for protection. Factor in the high cost of repairs and you have one more reason to shell out a little more for a case. Some people have noticed other problems with phone cases, such as that the case makes the phone slippery and more likely to be dropped. These cons apply only to certain styles of phone cases, though. If you're concerned about your phone slipping, buy a leather or silicone phone case instead of a plastic one.

iPhone X Cases: The Final Verdict

It may be true that an iPhone X case isn't really "necessary" for your phone. But the pros of getting one far outweigh the cons. The cost of fixing even minor damage to your iPhone X can be steep. However, the price of a phone case isn't much compared to the price of repairs (not to mention the price of the phone itself). Think of a phone case as being like insurance for your phone. Most of the time, you won't need it. But if and when something does happen to your phone, you'll be glad you have it. Ready to check out some phone cases? See our great selection.
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