8 Must-Know Fitbit Ionic Features

8 Must-Know Fitbit Ionic Features

Smartwatch or fitness tracker? How about both? Introducing the Fitbit Ionic. This is the watch you have been waiting for. It includes all the features from previous Fitbit trackers, plus new technology that rivals any smartwatch on the market. Thanks to the awesome Fitbit Ionic features, you can get the best of both worlds and have a smartwatch and fitness tracker all in one. Here are 8 of the best features of the new Fitbit Ionic.

1.Best of Fitbit Ionic Features: Battery-Life

Like kryptonite to Superman so is battery-life to technology. There is nothing worse than having a battery go dead in the middle of a busy day. Fitbit Ionic is known to have a battery life of 4 days! FOUR DAYS people! That's 96 hours or 5,760 minutes. Either way, that's a long time to not have to worry about charging your smartwatch. Any long marathon run of full day hike will definitely be covered. And if the battery does get low, just a quick 15-minute charge will get you a few more hours.

2. Waterproof

Finally, Fitbit has a device that is waterproof up to 50m. That means it is safe for any swim workout you can imagine. (Unless you are diving for treasure at the bottom of the ocean.) It is made of an aluminum unibody. Basically, that means the entire unit is made of one piece so there are no cracks to let water in. But the best part is you don't have to worry about switching it to "swim mode" like in previous models of Fitbit. You can just jump into the pool and go. Hard workouts make you sweat a lot? You don't have to worry about ruining your Fitbit. It's covered.

3. New Heart-Rate Monitor

Fitness trackers have a reputation for not having accurate heart-monitors. Especially when it comes to sprints or interval training. Fitbit put a lot of research into this new Fitbit Ionic heart-rate monitor. It has been redesigned and boasts new technology with accuracy in mind. You can display your heart-rate on your monitor the entire time you are working out in real time. This will allow you to keep your heart rate in your target range to make your workouts more effective.

4. Fitbit Pay

Ever been out on a run and need a Gatorade? If you are like most runners, carrying a wallet while working out is not ideal. Que Fitbit pay. This Fitbit Ionic feature allows you to upload any major credit card to your device. The platform supports Visa, American Express, and Mastercard. Worried about keeping your information safe? As part of the setup process, you will be required to set up a PIN number. This will make sure no one can go on a shopping spree if your Fitbit Ionic ends up in someone else's hands.

5. Music and Headphones

These are two of the most impressive Fitbit Ionic Features. Everyone has their own music playlist that keeps them pumping during their workouts. Now you can download your own music and play it back via Bluetooth. Fitbit has also partnered with Pandora. You can download their playlists as well. Every time you charge your device, it will sync with Pandora and update any playlists. To go along with their music feature, Fitbit has also announced new Bluetooth headphones. These headphones were designed specifically with the Fitbit Ionic in mind, but they will work with any Bluetooth device. There are two unique features of the headphones worth noting. The first is they are totally waterproof. This means that no matter how much you sweat, your headphones are safe. And second, they can actually connect to both your Fitbit Ionic and your phone at the same time. You can listen to your music, follow your Fitbit Coach, and answer your phone concurrently and seamlessly. That's pretty impressive indeed.

6. Fitbit Coach

Speaking of Fitbit Coach, This is a Fitbit app that will give you personal coaching while you workout. It will suggest different bodyweight workouts that will actually evolve as you go along. You'll never have to wonder what kind of workout to do that day again. You can choose anywhere from a 7-minute workout to a 60-minute workout. Along with many different trainers and activity levels. Imagine getting near the end of a long run and having a personal coach encourage you to finish strong. Or someone pushing your finish those squats. This is what Fitbit Coach app offers.

7. Sleep Stages

There's no question, sleep is important. Studies suggest getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night. This is an important part of staying healthy that is often overlooked. The Fitbit Ionic has one of the most comprehensive sleep functions available. It is very detailed and descriptive. This Fitbit feature will tell you all of your sleep cycles, and if you woke up at all during them. Then it will compare your patterns to what is normal or expected so you can see where you stand. It can also remind you when to go to bed and when to wake up to get the most out of your sleep.

8. Third-Party Apps

The Fitbit Ionic features an app store and can run a limited number of third-party apps. This is what sets is apart as a smartwatch and not just a fitness tracker. One benefit the Fitbit Ionic has is you can download apps independently from your phone. Want Strava on your Fitbit, but don't want to take up space on your phone. The Fitbit Ionic can do. that.

Good News: You Don't Have To Choose

The Fitbit Ionic is the best of both worlds. It has the some of the best fitness tracker software available, with the convenience of smartwatch capabilities. Clearly, you understand the benefits of having a Fitbit. They are the industry leader when it comes to fitness trackers. Now adding a smartwatch makes it unique to anything else on the market. These 8 Fitbit Ionic features will keep you motivated to achieve all your fitness goals & look stylish while doing it. And we're here to help as well. Contact us with any of your questions regarding your new Fitbit Ionic GPS Smartwatch. And let's get moving.
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