5 Things You Need to Know About iPhone 8 Cases

5 Things You Need to Know About iPhone 8 Cases

With each smartphone release, the debate rages on over whether users should put a case on it. Yet, it feels like the few who say you shouldn't probably haven't seen the new iPhone 8 cases. Those against cases raise points such as cost, dirt, bulk, heat, and aesthetics. The other side believes these are all addressable issues. Most importantly, phone cases bring many benefits. As such, phone case lovers pour over the web searching for various phone cases. Currently, iPhone 8 cases are drawing a lot of attention. Keep reading to learn more about them.

Features of iPhone 8 Cases

Like all other Apple phones, the specs on the iPhone 8 are at a high level. These phones have a great design, advanced user interface, and a quality display. Such an amazing phone deserves quality iPhone 8 cases. So what do these cases have to offer? Here are the five things you need to know:

1. Your iPhone 7 Case Can Fit the iPhone 8

If you are averse to buying a new case before you've used your current one for long, then you are in luck. The iPhone 8 is about 0.2 millimeters taller and wider than the iPhone 7. This means you can fit your old case to the new model. But what's the point of having a new phone with an old case? That's like putting old tires on your new car. Try the new cases. You won't regret it! Moreover, while the difference in millimeters might be small, they can have a big effect. For example, tighter cases for the iPhone 7 may not fit well with the new model. This can cause structural damage to your device. It might also reduce the effectiveness of protective cases. The metallic iPhone 7 cases may also not fit. Their specifications are too close to adjust to the extra millimeters in the iPhone 8.

2. The Cases Are Customizable

Those who think phone cases will ruin an iPhone's sleek look need not worry. The iPhone 8 cases are customizable. Thus, you can create a unique look that fits your preferences. For example, some companies allow users to upload images to design their covers. This means you can upload your selfies or favorite pictures for use. You also choose the colors and the type of material you want. Others opt for 3D printing their covers. This allows them to make quality cases that fit their personality. They could print cartoons, family pictures, movie stars, or their favorite sports teams. If you'd rather avoid designing your own case, visit any store and you'll find ready-made covers. Some have designs you would not have thought of before. This is an unexpected bonus.

3. There are Different Protective Cases Available

It's not surprising that 79 percent of smartphone users have a protective phone case. For many, their history of dropping phones forces them to prevent potential damages. The sleekness of these devices makes it easier to slip out of our hands. Sometimes, the problem is the environment you are in. As an example, construction workers may be the most at risk of dropping their phones. Parents also fall into this category. Kids may throw the phone or drop it when you least expect it. The good news is there are iPhone 8 cases offering different levels of protection. If you are a careful person, you can go with a slim yet protective case. If you are in a tougher environment, you need a bulkier protective case with a screen protector. Another thing to consider is how to keep your device safe from water. The iPhone 8 device can last in 1m of water for about 30 minutes. This doesn't mean people should leave it underwater that long. With time, the water will damage the phone. Waterproof cases can prevent this situation. Otherwise, you'll have to fork out more money for repairs or a replacement. This applies to dust as well. Limit the iPhone 8's exposure to dust and it will prevent internal damages.

4. You Can Use a Wireless Charger If You Have the Right Case

While some still believe wireless charging is a fad, others think it's the future. The iPhone 8 has wireless charging capabilities. You have to make sure the iPhone 8 cases you use are a few millimeters thick. Charging pads have a preferred case thickness of 3mm. The charger might work with a thicker case, though it makes it less effective. This is useful if you don't intend on removing the case every time you want to charge your phone. Tough to remove cases can turn the benefit of wireless charging into a painful chore. If you have a case with credit card slots, they might prevent the phone from charging. These slots raise the phone and this adds distance between the device and the charging pad.

5. The Different Case Materials Offer Custom Solutions

As mentioned earlier, the iPhone 8 cases come in different materials. Those who are into style can opt for leather cases. These are useful as well when people choose wallet phone cases. It prevents having to carry a wallet and a bulky leather-covered phone. The smooth interior in leather cases protects your screen from scratches. Leather also offers different designs and colors. Other case materials include natural wood, plastic, silicone, and fabric. There are polycarbonate, carbon fiber, and metal cases as well. Silicone cases can have a lot of color, patterns, and textures. Some criticisms include being tough to clean and lacking handling features. Manufacturers use polycarbonate materials when making battery pack cases. The battery pack gives you extra battery life and recharges as you charge your phone. Such cases also provide wireless charging features, drop protection, and scratch-resistance.

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Due to Apple's massive iPhone 8 sales, the demand for its cases will continue rising. At least now, every user will know what to expect from these cases. They can select the one that matches their lifestyle and protects their phone. Protecting your phone will increase its life and boost its resale value. Plus, these cases are available at different and affordable prices. You can even buy several cases and switch them depending on your moods or dress code. You can also use the back to print a message such as an emergency number. Contact me to learn more about cool products, events, and festivals.
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